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Sedation Dentistry

Do you experience uneasiness and anxiety when you visit the dentist? Worry no more! At Rye Dental Associates, our passionate team provides you with the safest sedation options to ease your fear.

Sedation dentistry can be used for a variety of procedures including:

  • Teeth Extractions
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Periodontal Treatments
  • Dental Implant Surgery

For your comfort, we offer:

  • Local Anesthesia
  • Oral Sedation
  • IV Sedation
  • Laughing Gas

Local Anesthesia

Strictly used to control pain, this type of anesthesia provides a numbing effect. It is injected directly at the site of the dental procedure. The numbness effect will ease the pain and prevent discomfort while the procedure is being performed. Our well-trained specialists can safely administer this procedure to our patients. While Local Anesthesia is not capable of controlling a patient’s anxiousness, it does a great job of minimizing the pain, and many of our patients feel better just knowing that.

Oral Sedation

Oral Sedation is a type of medication that helps patients feel relaxed during a dental procedure. This sedation is best for patients who are not comfortable visiting the dentist, have a gag reflex, have a fear of numbness, or have had traumatic dental experiences. If you are expecting a dental procedure, and you think that Oral Sedation Dentistry fits your needs, then don’t hesitate to contact us at Rye Dental Associates.

IV Sedation

IV Sedation or Intravenous Sedation provides moderate to high levels of sedation. IV Sedation works more quickly than Oral Sedation. Our dental team will effectively manage the level of sedation according to the procedure to be performed and the patient's individual needs. IV Sedation is appropriate for anxious patients as well as to improve comfort during longer and more involved procedures. Patients with complex medical needs may also benefit from being sedated. IV Sedation will ease the stress on their bodies allowing for a safer and more predictable outcome. We are also able to treat special needs patients as they transition from pediatric to adult care. Once procedures with IV Sedation are completed the patient can resume their normal activities the following day.

Laughing Gas

This method of sedation is an odorless and colorless type of gas that is inhaled through a mask. This sedation is very effective and safe to use. The gas levels can be easily adjusted to fit the needs of the patient. Upon completion of the dental procedure, the effect of laughing gas will fade away quickly, and the patient could, in fact, return to his/her normal daily activity.

Everyone deserves an anxious-free, comfortable dental experience. To learn more about our sedation options, call us today at (914) 967-1242.

Our Happy Patients

"Competent, capable care in a relaxed (and relaxing) environment. The sole focus of the practice is good dental health - rather than “selling” as I’ve experienced elsewhere. Great respect is afforded to patient preferences. I’ve recommended this practice to family and friends and will continue to do so as they’re A1 in my book."

Bill W.

"Have always been a bit of a baby when it comes to dentists but after coming here I am no longer worried. Everything from beginning to end was excellent and I was sent home pain free. Will definitely be coming back for my routine checkups :)"


"Lois is absolutely wonderful! My fiancé also got his teeth cleaned & he hates getting his teeth cleaned and he was so happy with Lois! Lois is gentle and makes the teeth cleaning process painless and comfortable! The office staff is also very friendly!"

Lisa A.
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