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Dental Sealants

At Rye Dental Associates, we believe preventive dental care is the best way to maintain optimal oral health. One of the most important goals of preventive care is to avoid cavities. One of the preventive treatments we offer is dental sealants.

A dental sealant is a thin coat of plastic which we apply to the back teeth to smooth out the surface. This prevents the deposit of plaque and food particles. Dental sealants are most commonly used as a preventive treatment for children but are equally effective for adults.

Why are sealants needed?

The surfaces of back teeth are irregular and include grooves and fissures. Food, plaque and bacteria can hide in these spaces. Regular brushing cannot always reach these areas making them a perfect breeding ground for cavities.

The application of dental sealants is quick and painless and can be completed during a regular checkup. Before applying the sealant, the tooth will be cleaned and dried, and an etching material is applied. The liquid sealant will then be painted onto the tooth. Once the sealant is hardened, you are all done!

Get added protection for your family’s teeth. Book your appointment with Rye Dental Associates! Call us at (914) 967-1242. Our dental office is located at 33 Cedar Street #1, Rye, NY 10580.

Our Happy Patients

"Competent, capable care in a relaxed (and relaxing) environment. The sole focus of the practice is good dental health - rather than “selling” as I’ve experienced elsewhere. Great respect is afforded to patient preferences. I’ve recommended this practice to family and friends and will continue to do so as they’re A1 in my book."

Bill W.

"Have always been a bit of a baby when it comes to dentists but after coming here I am no longer worried. Everything from beginning to end was excellent and I was sent home pain free. Will definitely be coming back for my routine checkups :)"


"Lois is absolutely wonderful! My fiancé also got his teeth cleaned & he hates getting his teeth cleaned and he was so happy with Lois! Lois is gentle and makes the teeth cleaning process painless and comfortable! The office staff is also very friendly!"

Lisa A.
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