Things to Avoid After Getting Dental Fillings in Rye, NY

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One of the most effective ways to treat tooth decay is to ask your dentist for a dental filling. It helps restore the appearance of the damaged tooth as well as its function and shape. Fillings have different types. At Rye Dental Associates, we provide a natural-looking alternative that is made from composite resin, also known as tooth-colored fillings.


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Tooth-colored fillings are designed to match the original color of the patients’ teeth. They are more insusceptible to contract or expand when the temperature changes. The durable material can also withstand the day-to-day chewing forces. If the dentist requires you to get a filling, it is important to be fully informed of the best practices to lengthen its lifespan. You have to avoid certain things that can put your newly treated tooth at risk.

  • As much as possible, refrain from biting too hard to avoid damaging your fillings. No matter how strong your new restorations are, they are still subject to injuries. To preserve them, remember to take gentle bites only.
  • The application of dental fillings may sometimes need a local anesthetic. After the procedure, you might still feel a slight numbness in your mouth. Do not use the numbed area when chewing to avoid biting your tongue, cheeks, and lips. Moreover, it can be challenging to eat if you had fillings on both sides. In this case, you should wait until the anesthetic completely wears off before consuming foods.
  • Poor oral hygiene is a no-no even if you have your teeth treated with dental fillings. Just like the natural pearly whites, your fillings deserve the right care too! Brush your teeth two times a day, floss at least once daily, and rinse your mouth using an alcohol-free mouthwash.
  • Do not take your regular dental visit for granted. The dental professional can keep track of your filling and ensure that it is always in a good state.
  • Your diet plays an important role when it comes to maintaining the longevity of your dental fillings. We advise you not to eat chewy, sticky, and hard foods for two weeks after your treatment. Get away from hot or cold drinks if you have teeth sensitivity.


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