Know Before You Give It a Go: Facts about Teeth Whitening – Rye, NY

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Nowadays, many people are aiming to improve their looks by taking advantage of various products and services available. They think that looking their best gives them the edge during interviews or business meetings compared to the other candidates. Sadly, this statement is quite true—attractive people are usually hired and promoted faster.

But, how about those people who are not born with the ‘looks’? Is there any way for them to succeed in their endeavors? The answer is a resounding YES! With the continuous advancements in technology, there is a sure way to help people improve their appearance. No, we do not mean cosmetic surgery! Why not start with your smile? We at Rye Dental Associates got it covered with the help of professional teeth whitening! But before investing in the said treatment, familiarize it first.


Professional Teeth Whitening Facts

Look and feel good

One reason why many are usually bothered with their smile is because of its dullness. Investing in a teeth whitening treatment gives them the confidence to smile to their heart’s content. And once a person feels good, they look good as well; therefore improving their profile.

Safe to use

Professional teeth whitening does not cause teeth harm. Something that is used as instructed and under the careful hands of a professional is sure to not cause problems in the future. However, using store-bought whitening is a different story. People who purchase these products are more likely to abuse its use just to attain the level they are aiming for. As a result, they cause their teeth more harm than good.

It is not for everyone

Do know that not everyone is a candidate for a teeth whitening treatment. Before it is provided to a patient, their condition should first be assessed. Certain complications can aggravate if whitening agents are mindlessly used on the teeth. Besides, despite the level of whitening used, prostheses would not be affected at all.

Fast facts:

  • Teeth are vulnerable to stains due to their pores that can absorb strong colors.
  • Increase in sensitivity is normal after teeth whitening but it is much lesser when performed by a dentist.
  • Compared to over the counter whitening products, the ones performed by dentists can provide results in an hour or so up to several shades brighter!

At Rye Dental Associates, we utilize Opalescence Tooth Whitening Brand which is known to produce amazing results. To see if you are a good candidate for the treatment, book a consultation!


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